Nov 152007

Manualer Sony
Sony Dvw-790. dvw790_user_guide.pdf
Sony Hdw-750. Manual HDW-750.pdf
Sony Hdw-F900 Manual F900_Ops.pdf
Sony Hdw-F900 Paint meny. Hdw-F900 Menus.doc
High Definition Gear Check (F900) F900_10pointcheck.pdf

Manualer Panasonic
Panasonic Hdc 27h. om_aj-hdc27h.pdf
Panasonic AJ-Hpx200 OM_AJ-HPX2000.pdf
Panasonic AG-Hvx200 OM_AG-HVX200.pdf

Sony Creative shooting techniques 
Issue 01: Tips for Reproducing Sheen and Textures of Objects Realistically.
Issue 02: Tips

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for Reproducing Vivid Colors Under a Bright Environment.
Issue 03: Tips for Improving Picture Sharpness without Coarsening the Image.
Issue 04: Tips for Enriching Color Saturation in Dark Areas of an Image.
Issue 05: Tips for Avoiding "Overexposure" of an Image’s Highlights.
Issue 06: Tips for Reproducing Solid Picture Edges of an Image’s Highlights.
Issue 07: Tips for Shooting Without Coarsening Dark Areas of an Image.
Issue 08: Tips for Creating Film-like Images with Rich Colours.


Brännviddstabell                               ASPECT_in_5.0.pdf
Backfokustavla                                 backfocus_tvf.gif
Spänningsfallsberäkning                  Spänningsfallsberäkningar.xls 

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